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Required Auto Insurance in Texas

Driving in Texas requires you to have auto insurance for your vehicle. There are several types of insurance coverage that are required to be in your auto policy. These come with minimum amounts that the state mandates, but it’s generally recommended that you raise the amount of coverage you have above the minimum so that you are better protected.

When you need to get an auto insurance policy, call us today at Brent Davis Insurance in Allen, TX.

Liability Coverage in Your Auto Policy

When you get your auto policy, it is required to have two different types of liability coverage that come in three different amounts of coverage. One is a minimum amount of bodily injury liability coverage for one person who has sustained injuries in an accident. There is a separate amount required for everyone in the accident who has injuries. Both of these amounts primarily pay for medical bills that a third party has in an accident that was your fault. Then there is property damage liability coverage that will pay for the damage to the other party’s property that comes from an accident judged to be your fault. 

Personal Injury Protection

Another type of coverage that comes in Texas auto insurance is personal injury protection or PIP. This is coverage that pays for your own injuries in an accident that you caused. While Texas policies come with this coverage, you can waive PIP in writing if you choose not to have it. 

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Getting your auto insurance is highly important to keep you legal s you drive. Going without it can open you up to a number of fees and fines. To get your auto insurance with all of the right coverage types, call us today at Brent Davis Insurance in Allen, TX.

What Are Some Things I Can Do To Avoid Paying Auto Insurance Claims?

The best way to avoid paying auto insurance claims is to not get into an accident. However, if you do, the best way to avoid paying auto insurance claims is to have a solid automobile insurance policy. Many people think that having the minimum amount of coverage is sufficient. 

If you got an auto accident injury and your medical bills are $10,000, and your policy only offers $5,000 of coverage – you could be responsible for the remaining $5,000 out of pocket. Ensure you comprehend the policy and know what it doesn’t cover. If you have more questions about automobile insurance or your liability limits, call Brent Davis Insurance or visit us in Allen, TX. 

Avoiding Insurance Claims 

If you want to avoid paying auto insurance claims, get the most out of your policy. This may include purchasing additional coverage, having the right coverage, and shopping around different firms for the best policy. Finding the right policy will help you avoid paying auto insurance claims in the future. Driving safely is the key to reducing your risks during an accident. To avoid claims and to save more, consider the below claims: 

  • Shop around
  • Compare insurance costs before purchasing a car.
  • Request greater deductibles. 
  • Reduce your premium for older vehicles 
  • Purchase auto and house cover from the same company. 
  • Maintain a good record. 
  • Benefit from low-mileage savings.

Avoid paying a claim by purchasing the right amount. There’re those who pay excess because they are not accurately calculating their risk. If you have had a few traffic violations or accidents on your record, you will likely be charged a higher premium. Also, keep your car well maintained. 

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One of the best ways to avoid paying claims on your auto insurance policy is to maintain comprehensive collision coverage on your car. The insurance protects your car against natural disasters, vandalism, and falling objects. Collision coverage caters to your car repair when it collides with another one. 

You can take precautions like installing a dashcam to record your driving, maintaining your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and avoiding driving at-risk times ( rush hour, rain, ice). That way, you can prevent auto insurance claims and keep your insurance rate low. For help, call Brent Davis Insurance serving Allen, TX and surrounding areas.

Should I get auto insurance?

Driving a car in Allen, TX will continue to be a need for many people. If you want to buy a car in this area, you will also want proper insurance. There continue to be great reasons to get into a new policy.

Insurance Will Keep you in Legal Compliance

One of the reasons you should get coverage is that it will keep you in legal compliance. All people that drive a car or other vehicle in Texas are going to be required to have auto insurance, which will offer valuable liability protection. Ultimately, this coverage protects all people that are on the road. When you get a full insurance policy, you will stay in compliance with your legal requirements.

Insurance Protects Asset

Your car is going to continue to be a very important asset that needs to be protected as well as possible. If you invest in a policy that offers you collision and comprehensive protection, you will have the coverage needed to repair or replace your vehicle. This could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run if your car is stolen or damaged in any way. Further, any auto lender will want you to invest in this protection as well.

As you are searching for a new policy in the Allen, TX area, it would be a good idea to reach out to the team at Brent Davis Insurance. Picking a policy for your auto insurance is very important but is also not a very easy decision to make. If you look for a new policy here, you will want to work with Brent Davis Insurance, as they can answer any of your questions and help you pick a good policy.

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