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What Are The Different Types Of Home Insurance?

Residential and commercial are the two primary categories. Some people buy coverage to protect their homes in the case of a fire, while others buy it to protect themselves from uninsured motorist claims. 

Some purchase liability coverage, while others may want liability and property policies. For inquiries pertaining to your specific needs, reach out to Brent Davis Insurance in Allen, TX. 

Different Types Of Home Insurance

Residential home insurance covers the structure of your home, including the value of the property and any additions you have made. It also covers any possessions inside your home. 

Commercial home insurance covers the building itself, any equipment that is in the building, and any inventory in the building. Some of the most common types of home insurance include: 

  • Dwelling Insurance: This type of policy covers the structure and contents inside your house from fire, wind damage, and other perils.
  • Personal property insurance: This type of policy covers your personal possessions such as furniture, electronics, and clothing from fire, theft, or other perils.
  • Homeowners insurance: This covers your home, its contents, and the people who live inside. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the damage or loss of your home if there is a covered peril such as a fire, lightning strike, or tornado. 
  • Liability coverage: This type of coverage protects you from lawsuits brought on by someone who has been injured on your property. For example, if someone slips on the ice in front of your house and is hurt because you did not shovel it off, they can sue you for compensation for their medical bills. 

Liability coverage also pays any damages awarded by a court if you lose a lawsuit brought against you. They might be injuries caused on your property or damage done to another person’s property through negligence while working on or around your home or car etc. 

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The home insurance policy protects your home and other property against a wide range of disasters like fire, storm, theft, vandalism, and so on. A variety of home insurance plans are available in the market depending on the coverage you choose to have. For expert insurance advice in Allen, TX and surrounding cities, give us a call at Brent Davis Insurance.

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