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Texas Boat/Watercraft Insurance Coverage

Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Texas

Watercraft insurance safeguards your boat, everyone on board, and the risk of injury to other parties from covered perils. Whether cruising the waters with your friends or waterskiing with your loved ones on Lake Lewisville, being a boat owner in Texas, you have fascinating scenery to enjoy. It's instrumental in ensuring that your boating activities are safeguarded with reliable boat insurance from Brent Davis Insurance, irrespective of whether you are a seasoned boater or recently procured a boat and are still learning to navigate local waterways. You enjoy your time on the water without getting worried about the well-being of yourself, passengers, or your valuable investment. Work with the team at Brent Davis Insurance in Allen, TX to learn about your options.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Texas?

Boat insurance is not mandatory in Texas. However, if you need to get your water vessel registered in Texas, you must produce boat insurance. Additionally, if you financed the purchase of your boat with a mortgage, you have to maintain boat insurance until you clear the outstanding loan. Optional boat/watercraft insurance coverage options include:

  • Collision coverage: What happens if your boat gets physically damaged after an accident in water? Do you have enough funds to cater to expensive repairs or replace your boat? Worry not because collision coverage from Brent Davis Insurance will repair or replace your water vessel if it gets ravaged after colliding with another boat or a stationary object like a rock outcrop.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers damage emanating from non-collision events like your boat, including severe storms, fire, or property crimes.
  • Uninsured boater insurance: Have you ever thought about what could transpire if you are engaged in an accident with an underinsured boater or don't have coverage at all? Investing in this type of coverage caters to the cost of property damage and medical expenses propagated by another boater who is inadequately or isn't covered at all after an accident.
  • Towing insurance: It caters to the cost of towing your boat from the water to the shore if you experience engine complications or steering problems.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: It pays for any prevailing medical bills that you and your passengers on board accrue after a boating accident, irrespective of who is deemed liable.

Are you a boat owner searching for outstanding boat insurance? Please get in touch with our agents at Brent Davis Insurance in Allen, TX, and get more information about boat insurance.

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