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Texas Condo insurance coverage

Condo Insurance in Texas

Condo living is a growing trend in the big cities of Texas, especially in the DFW area. At Brent Davis Insurance in Allen, TX, we want our condo-living clients to have the ultimate coverage and protection with condo insurance.

Why do I need condo insurance when I pay for an HOA policy?

While you may be paying for an HOA insurance policy in your condo community, that policy does not provide special protection behind your condo door. This policy only covers damages done to community areas such as hallways, pools, lobbies, and the external structure of your condo. When you purchase a condo insurance policy, you are getting the following protections within the boundaries of your condo.

Personal Property Coverage

Should your personal property be damaged due to tragedies such as an accidental fire or a theft, you can get assistance replacing these items within your condo. Attempting to recover from one of these tragedies while covering these items out-of-pocket can be financially and emotionally exhausting. With condo insurance, you can get final assistance to help with disasters and incidents.

Temporary Relocation

If you have to relocate from your condo temporarily due to renovations and damage restoration, your condo insurance policy may also assist you with covering some of these fees and expenses that can add up tremendously over time. This allows you to relocate with some financial assistance successfully.

Liability Coverage

Should you have a guest over and they are hurt while in your condo, you have liability coverage to assist with covering any medical fees that may arise from the incident. The HOA insurance policy will not cover instances that happened within your condo.

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If you are a condo owner living in Texas and need condo insurance, our agents at Brent Davis Insurance are ready to assist you. Let us help you get the policy and the answers you need. Contact our office in Allen, TX to speak with our agents and learn more.

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